Maya Sub D Scripts

The more i dig into using maya the more i find myself having to speed things up. So i wrote the following scripts to make sub d easier.  They are nothing special, just a compilation of the tools i used most commonly.

Toggle SubD

This script will simple toggle back and forth between sub d mode. I found it annoying to have to press
1 and 3 to toggle between the two so decided to make it simpler.  The idea is to bind it to a special hotkey to call it.

Download Here.


Crease Edge Marking Menu

Added some of the commonly used functions when doing edge creasing. Such as enable the tool,
and some macros to do a) remove the edge creasing from the selected edges. b) add a preset edge crease amount c) a special macro that will do 3 things, select the ring, convert the selection to edge perimeter and apply a preset amount of edge creasing. The amount of edge creasing can be adjusted by accessing the scripts through the marking menus.

Download Here.




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