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The following three scripts are bound to different hotkeys on the left side of my keyboard for easy access. I use these 3 scripts in combination daily. Based on the what components are selected and the active viewport that is how they will reach. These scripts are not exactly rocket science, but are living proof that with a bit of patience is possible to make the software work for you! By simply using a few logic and combining commands into macros. In addition the hand gesture of a hotkey will also be faster than waiting for marking menus or reaching out for shelf buttons. I highly encourage you to try it out!

To install, open the scripts with notepad and copy and paste into a new “run time command”.

Triple or Spin

Based off Seneca Menard’s triple/spin script for Modo. This script is case sensitive, it will connect 2 vertices. If edges are selected it will flip them. If more than 2 edges are selected, they will be connected. If faces are selected it will triangulate them.  Currently it only does one spin, so you you may have to select the edge a few times if you wish to keep filping it….is a free handy script 😉

I have this bound to “alt+c”.



Super Collapse

Emulates modo’s and 3dmax edge collapse. Will collapse 1 edge to center, vertices to center.

I have this bound to “crtl + sift+x”. I usually associate “x” with “delete”.



Super Disconnect

This is probably one of most used scripts on my arsenal. It will first check the active viewport. If the modeling pane is active, edges will disconnect. Faces will be extracted.

If the UV window is active, edges will be “cut” and faces will be disconnected as a whole. In addition i have set a hotkey for the sew uvs, as you will needed it after detaching multiple faces at once.

The logic behind this script was to bind one hotkey that did similar things to the geometry of the selected model as well as the uvs.

This script will not work if you run it through a shelf button or marking menu as it will be looking at what viewport is active. I have this bound to “alt + s”.





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