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More Turok Dinousaur hunter news! Turns out that animations cannot be converted yet. So in mean time i decided to make some level assets. Suddenly hit a giant wall because getting stuff out of maya turned out to be extremely painful. So i decided to use this as an opportunity to polish my scripting skills and make some sort of exporter to make it all easy for myself.

Here is a video tutorial showing how this script works!

This script isnt perfect, there are a few things i still need to iron out, but for the mean time i hope it helps anyone interested in using maya as much as it helped me.

Few things i forgot to mention in the video.

1. Specify where your Turok is installed. Find string $locationOfTurokGameToSaveFiles, and change the path to your own. This also needs to point to a folder where you plan to save the files to. In my case i have a folder named temp.  Simply replace the text within the quotes.  After this is done save this to a shelf button!

string $locationOfTurokGameToSaveFiles = “P:/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Turok – Dinosaur Hunter/temp/”;

2. One of the things i need to make my script do, is clear out the node connections. When you run the script once it will create nodes between the material and the mesh. Before you run the script again you have to delete these extra connections. If you dont the .mtl file will have materials duplicated twice.






3. This is worth mentioning, your assets need to be at the origin if you plan to use them modulary, with correct pivot points. My script will respect those values, however upon export you do not have to reset the location. The script will do it for you.

4. In the video, the screen turns black when i launched the engine. Sorry about this. The command to convert the obj to a bin is “convertObj”  In my case since i use put all my stuff under “temp” folder. The command would be “convertObj temp/myObj.obj”  Which the script will copy and paste to the clipboard, so when you are at this stage, simply hit “crtl + v” to paste. Note, that if you exported multiple objects at once, it will only save the last model to the clipboard. You will have to do the rest by hand.

Somday i will figure out how to convert this stuff to a bin without having to open the engine. In the meantime..enjoy!

Download here turokObjExporter_v1

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