First POST!!!

General / 17 February 2019

Wanted to share a little quick project i've bee working on to test out a few things to speed up the process.  After God of War i was full of little ideas for workflows so i figured i would start something at home. This test is centered around the idea of using an overlay layer in an unreal material. Most of the detail high resolution detail comes from the underlying layer ( in this case a simple rock detail material ). The overlay layer has the macro normal and a diffuse i created using substance designer and painter. The material also supports additional layers, and has support for wetness. Very simple stuff, yet it was kinda of a very steep learning curve to get it all set up. All this took me a few months working here and there. Not really done, as ive barely started scratching the surface.

The sculpt was hand sculpted using a combination of zbrush and maya. It was a pretty fun test!