Final Student Work for Environment Creation Class Fall Term 2019 @ Gnomon School.

General / 05 January 2020

I had the pleasure to teach my third  eleven week course of Environment art creation at the Gnomon school. The class covered a lot of the basic techniques of blocking out a level and taking it to completion. I am very pleased with the work my students were able to accomplish. So much, that i wanted to share them below and give them a bit of spot light! 

Each student was completely responsible for their environment. They picked from a pool of reference i gathered, the main theme was neo classical architecture. They were fully responsible for creating everything from scratch. Using maya, zbrush, marmoset, substance designer and painter, and finally put it all together in Unreal.  It was an overwhelmingly amount of work for eleven weeks. I am so damn of proud of them!

Please note that these might not be the final product. I am also not sharing the entire breakdowns of their scenes.


  Miriam's main focus is to learn how to create vr simulations of microscopic environments for her own medical studies. Unfortunately i dont have more screenshots handy. She had scans and sculpts of all her assets, and even though is hard to tell this environment spirals for miles and miles. Seeing this come together was very interesting and inspiring!